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Better understand today's intellectual property law with advice and thought leadership from the experts in the Cardozo School of Law LL.M. program.

How does intellectual property impact data privacy and other technology law fields? That’s just one area of expertise for Professor Felix Wu. Having taught at Cardozo School of Law since 2009, Wu also serves as the faculty director of the Cardozo Data Law Initiative.
Which of the following are the four key forms of intellectual property protection that you need to know about? When weighing the differences between trade secret vs. patent or trademark vs. copyright, it’s important to understand that the practice of IP law is broad.
Finding the right path for your legal career can be challenging. There are many different types of organizations, specialities and roles a lawyer can fit into. With all of that in mind, navigating the differences between an LL.M. vs. J.D. can just add to the confusion.
What is an LL.M. degree and why is it an important credential for lawyers? An LL.M. is a very common degree for those who are already practicing law, but there is often confusion over who earns it, why you would pursue it, and how you can find the right program for your career.
As you apply to an LL.M. program, there’s one thing to expect from every law school: They want to learn more about you, both as a person and as a professional. One way to do that is through letters of recommendation...
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