Step up to the forefront of data and privacy law.
woman looking straight ahead smiling
woman looking straight ahead smiling
Step up to the forefront of data and privacy law.

Data Privacy Careers: Legal Professionals Are in Demand

The availability of privacy roles increased 30 percent between 2020 and 2021, and that trend is expected to carry on in the coming years.1 With the increasing need for data privacy professionals, employers are finding it challenging to find technically skilled and legally adept professionals to fill these privacy positions. IT professionals in particular can capitalize on their already in-demand technical abilities by learning data and privacy law. In addition to IT professionals, those working in operations, government agencies, cybersecurity, human resources, and law adjacent career tracks can leverage the increasing need for privacy professionals to forge a successful career in this area.

The core curriculum for the online MSL in Data and Privacy Law program is designed for non-lawyers, but will help you start thinking more like a lawyer. Beginning with an introduction to the U.S. legal system, you will learn more about common law, administration law and corporations before drilling down on the specifics around privacy law and cybersecurity.

With a strong legal foundation under your belt, you will then choose from a comprehensive list of elective courses to learn more about the areas of data and privacy law that are best suited for your desired career path.

Explore the career opportunities that a legal education focused on data and privacy law can open for you.

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Looking to level up your career by learning data and privacy law? Cardozo School of Law has the program for you. Offered 100% online, our MSL in Data and Privacy Law program is taught by industry leaders and gives you the connections and networking opportunities to grow your career and thrive in your chosen field.

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How a Legal Education Impacts Your Career

There are numerous benefits to a legal education, but if we had to highlight three key takeaways of pursuing an MSL and the impact this degree will have on your career, they would be:

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Understanding the fine line between business and law.

Legal issues have business implications and vice versa. Know where these two areas overlap and how they play off of each other to find success as an employee or as an entrepreneur.
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Effectively communicating with legal professionals.

Have better conversations with lawyers and your company’s general counsel. Mutual understanding of the legal issues and concepts at play in the business will lead to streamlined communication and effective decision making.
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Getting an edge to step into sought-after leadership positions.

Business development is often impacted by legal issues. Employers want people—especially those in top positions at the company—who understand these issues and can work through them.
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Get Up to Speed With Cardozo Law

As one of the few online programs to focus on data and privacy law, Cardozo Law is proud to offer a comprehensive degree that allows students to jump-start a career at the intersection of technology and law without the need for a traditional three-year J.D. degree. In just two years, you will be ready to step into a fulfilling career in a highly necessary and impactful field.

Gain insights quickly to accelerate your career. Rise to the challenge of our interconnected business world in a data privacy leadership role with legal education at Cardozo Law.

Law Careers: Succeed at the Center of Tech, Law, and Innovation

Roles focused on the skills and concepts taught in our online MSL program are found across industries. Big Tech, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, retail, and entertainment are all areas where this degree will be valuable. Check out the highlighted positions related to data privacy careers below to get a better sense of the career opportunities that require a strong understanding of data and privacy law. Salaries below represent the median of all salaries collected, and will vary by experience and location.


Privacy Analyst

Privacy analysts use a combination of data analytics, research, and reporting skills to turn a company's business insights into actionable strategies. Privacy analysts work across a variety of industries and work with different types of datasets to create and deliver various reports.
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Privacy Program Manager

A privacy program manager is responsible for building out and maintaining a company’s privacy compliance program. This role drives continuous improvements to maintain data privacy and to ensure the company meets regulatory requirements. This person must be able to work with leadership across various departments to be successful.
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Privacy Engineer

Privacy engineers are responsible for guiding the development of new privacy products and features, as well identifying areas that need improvement in local practices relative to managing data privacy. They also perform regular assessments on operational processes, looking at how effectively risks across companies can be mitigated through effective tools or guidance given by them when necessary.
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Data Protection Officer

The data protection officer is the person in charge of keeping track and protecting all company data. This person is also responsible for educating employees about data compliance, training those who are involved in processing it, and carrying out regular security audits. A data protection officer will work closely with departments responsible for implementing policies related to privacy laws. They may also serve as the main point of contact between the business and relevant authorities.

NYC Degree. Worldwide Potential.

Get the support you need beyond graduation to build a thriving law career without a J.D. During the program and once you have earned your degree, you can rely on Cardozo Law’s career resources and our global alumni network to keep the positive momentum going. Here is a sampling of what we have to offer as your embark on your data privacy career:

  • Cardozo Job Bank: The Office of Career Services supports your job search efforts by offering workshops, career events, and employer databases through our online platform, Symplicity
  • NALP Directory: National Association for Law Placement hosts this directory providing information on larger law firms, public interest organizations, and government agencies
  • OCS Angel Page: The Office of Career Services maintains this password-protected website featuring career resources, job search guides, useful examples, and moreLinkedIn
  • Cardozo Alumni Database: The Cardozo LinkedIn profile provides the opportunity to connect with more than 15,000 alumni across the globe

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