Upgrade your legal career.
a group of professional conduct a meeting in a law office while working on laptops
a group of professional conduct a meeting in a law office while working on laptops
Upgrade your legal career.

Intellectual Property Lawyers Are in Demand

There’s never been a better time to focus your legal career on intellectual property law. The global push toward digitization means that issues around copyright, trademark, and patent law are on the rise, making IP attorneys among the most in-demand legal professionals in today’s market. What once might have been a niche field in law is becoming an essential part of every business venture.

Whether you’re ready to start an intellectual property law career on your own or become a greater asset in your current firm, gaining a stronger experience in IP can set you apart as an attorney. From hands-on coursework to stellar networking opportunities to career resources that propel you forward, earning your LL.M. in Intellectual Property online from Cardozo Law opens up a world of new potential.

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If you are an attorney looking to practice intellectual property law, Cardozo School of Law has the program for you. Offered 100% online, our online LL.M. in Intellectual Property program is taught by industry leaders and gives you the connections and networking opportunities to grow your career and thrive in your chosen field.

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Choose an LL.M. Specialization That Moves Your Law Career Forward

If you are still on the fence about whether earning an LL.M. is the right choice for your career, know that the specialization you choose matters. In addition to the high demand, IP attorneys are among the highest paid lawyers, earning a median annual salary of $162,000. 1 And, if you come from a technical background, you have the opportunity to become a patent attorney. Patent attorneys are also among the highest paid law professionals, earning an average annual salary of $189,392.2

Specializing in IP law opens up a myriad of opportunities in a variety of industries. Our online LL.M. in Intellectual Property program prepares you to enter a wide range of industries with confidence, including film, sports, media, biotechnology, computer engineering, and e-commerce. Explore the different types of IP work you can focus your intellectual property career around.

Explore the Five Intellectual Property Specializations

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Copyright Law

Intellectual property lawyers who focus on copyright law will work with clients to protect their original works, including music, films, writings, architecture, and more. Attorneys understand the legal issues around the reproduction, distribution, and performance of copyrighted works.
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Trademark Law

Attorneys who focus on trademark law understand the nuances of the trademark process and can help companies identify any trademarks they may hold. In addition to trademark identification, a trademark attorney’s work typically involves running trademark searches, developing filing strategies, and drafting applications.3
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Patent Law

Patent attorneys plan all aspects of an organization's patent-related legal matters or they represent inventors attempting to patent their inventions. To be admitted to the bar as a patent attorney, you must have the necessary technical training.
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Trade Secret Law

Attorneys who focus on trade secrets know the ins and outs of the three elements that constitute a trade secret under the definitions provided by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Trade secret law protects against unfair competition. Attorneys in this area understand the specific provisions or case law on the protection of confidential information.4
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Licensing Law

Intellectual property attorneys who work with licensing law understand the specifics of what a license grants, namely permission to use an otherwise protected work. Attorneys working with licensing will have a firm grasp of the nuances of copyright law.

Get the Knowledge You Need to Succeed

The LL.M. core curriculum is centered around copyright law, U.S. trademark law, and patent law. You will get a deep dive on each of these areas of IP law to inform the rest of your LL.M. studies.

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Copyright Law
Get an in-depth look at copyright law with a special emphasis on the application of traditional copyright principles to new technologies and media of expression. You will explore the range of copyrightable subject matter, issues of ownership and transferability, issues pertaining to the reproduction, distribution, and performance of copyrighted works and the creation of derivative works, and issues concerning fair use and parody.
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Trademark Law
Learn the basics of U.S. trademark law, including common law rights and registration of trademarks at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We will discuss trademark and domain name disputes. You will also explore the economic and public policy issues involved in trademark law, particularly when and how trademark law is focused on protecting consumers, when and how it protects producers, and the relationship between trademark law and free expression.
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Patent Law
You will get an introduction to the law and policy underlying the patent system including the process of obtaining a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; the legal prerequisites to patenting an invention; the relationship between this area of law and state laws governing trade secrets; the legal, commercial, and practical considerations involved in developing patents and much more.

Moving on from the core curriculum, you get to choose your own path with electives that are the most relevant to your career goals. Graduate with confidence knowing you have the knowledge and skills to take on this exciting area of law.

Thanks to Cardozo's diverse course offerings, I was able to craft a curriculum in complete alignment with my professional goals. The innovative classes of the LL.M. in IP, taught by leading academics and practitioners, gave me skills that remain useful in my day-to-day practice of law.
Lucile B. ’20, Counsel, Business & Legal Affairs at MusiCapital
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Alumni Career Resources

For those looking to make a change in their law careers, graduates of our LL.M. in Intellectual Property program gain access to our on-campus career resources. The counselors in Cardozo’s Office of Career Services assist alumni through a number of different ways:
  • Reviewing resumes and cover letters
  • Discussing career goals
  • Tailoring job search strategies
  • Developing networking strategies
  • Strengthening interview skills
There are a number of resources available for students and alumni, whether you need help finding opportunities in a temporary role or tapping into the Cardozo network for your next big career move.

Explore Career Resources
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Networking and Job Search

  • Cardozo Job Bank: The Office of Career Services supports your job search efforts by offering workshops, career events, and employer databases through our online platform, Symplicity
  • NALP Directory: National Association for Law Placement hosts this directory providing information on larger law firms, public interest organizations, and government agencies
  • OCS Angel Page: The Office of Career Services maintains this password-protected website featuring career resources, job search guides, useful examples, and more
  • LinkedIn Cardozo Alumni Database: The Cardozo LinkedIn profile provides the opportunity to connect with more than 11,000 alumni
  • INTA Job Bank: The International Trademark Association provides IP job openings from around the globe
  • AIPLA Career Center: The American Intellectual Property Law Association offers job seekers the opportunity to browse openings by industry, state, and practice area
  • Opportunities at WIPO: The World Intellectual Property Organization, a global forum for IP services, policy, and information, promotes an international IP system.
  • National and State Bar Associations: A local or national bar association can provide additional employment listings in your area and field of practice

Explore Alumni Resources
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