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Yeshiva University Katz Secures #2 Best Online Master’s in Cybersecurity Ranking From Fortune

July 18, 2022
On-campus sign for the Katz School at Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University’s Katz School of Science and Health is proud to share that Fortune has ranked our online Master’s in Cybersecurity program as #2 for Best Online Master’s in Cybersecurity Degrees in 2022.1 Twenty schools were included on Fortune’s inaugural list.

Fortune decided to create this ranking list because of the demand for cybersecurity professionals, noting that with the rise in ransomware attacks, cybersecurity has become one of the most critical industries in the world. This ranking attests to YU Katz’ ongoing commitment to teach students the skills they need to succeed in the ever changing world of cybersecurity.

How Fortune Determines the Rankings

Fortune determined its rankings based on a review of three elements—Selectivity Score, Success Score, and Demand Score. Each element had a different weight on the ultimate score.

Selectivity Score

The Selectivity Score had 50 percent weight on the overall score. The quality of a school’s cybersecurity program is often reflected in its alumni success, but that success begins with the selection of the incoming classes. Overall, the strength of the students selected for the program and the quality of those who graduate reflect strongly on how the outside world perceives the program.

To calculate this score, Fortune reviewed the GPA average of the incoming students for each program and weighted the overall acceptance rate. The acceptance rate was an important factor because generally, the harder a program is to get into, the stronger students it attracts.

Success Score

The Success Score accounted for 30 percent of the overall score. This element was fairly simple to calculate, as Fortune looked at one-year retention rates and graduation rates. This component holds programs accountable for the promises served up to prospective students.

Demand Score

The final component of Fortune’s methodology accounted for 20 percent of the overall score. Fortune looked at the total size of each programs’ most recent graduating classes. Larger classes and more graduated students equate to a larger pool of alumni for networking opportunities. They also denote a successful program, which will continue to attract more students to be part of future cohorts.

Fortune’s Review of Katz’s Online Master’s in Cybersecurity Program

Fortune emphasizes Yeshiva University Katz’s following stats:

  • Acceptance Rate: 44.20%
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.32
  • One-Year Retention Rate: 100%
  • Student Work Experience: More than 4 years

Fortune also hones in on some of the admissions requirements that make our program desirable, including that fact that we do not require applicants to submit a GRE score. We also recommend two letters of recommendation, but do not require them for program entry.

Explore Our Online Master’s in Cybersecurity

One component that Fortune did not delve into in their rankings was employment rates. We’re proud to note that our graduates enjoy a 95 percent employment rate within six months of graduation.2 With employers in the U.S. posting 714,548 jobs for cybersecurity roles and skills during a one year period measured through April 2022, a successful career in cybersecurity is ripe for the picking.3 Do not let the chance to seize a lucrative career path slip by.

Earning your master’s in cybersecurity from a globally recognized institution like Yeshiva University gives you a leg up on the market. Known for its rigorous academic standards, the Katz School of Science and Health is a research and technology powerhouse with more than twelve graduate programs focused on creating a smarter, safer, and healthier world.

The stellar reputation of Katz is available online, meaning you do not have to move to New York City to reap the benefits of that research and technology. All of our online master’s programs are held to the same impressive standards as our on-campus programs. With our intuitive learning management system, you will enjoy a seamless and engaging online experience. As you have seen with our latest Fortune ranking, your online master’s degree in cybersecurity will be as highly regarded as any of our other graduate degrees.

The content in our master’s degree in cybersecurity is STEM approved and taught by the same standout team of experts who teach on our New York City campus. The combination of instruction, training, and mentorship you’ll receive will prepare you for key professional certifications that go above and beyond a standard candidate.

Program Details

  • 10 courses
  • 30 credits
  • 7 required courses, 2 electives, 1 capstone
  • Optional internship
  • 14-week semesters
  • 7-week terms
  • Complete in as few as 20 months
  • Three opportunities to start per year

Prepare for Industry Certifications

In addition to the in-demand skills you’ll gain from our program, the online Master’s in Cybersecurity is your gateway to acquiring two critical professional certifications: the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and the CompTIA Network+.

Online students will be qualified to sit for the CISSP exam upon completion of the program. The CISSP is one of the world’s leading cybersecurity and IT security certifications and is granted by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)². This certification confirms that you have the necessary skills to perform various security functions and pursue an advanced career in IT security.

Upon graduation from the program, you will also be sufficiently prepared for the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and ISACA-CRISC exams.

Get Started in One of the Best Online Master’s in Cybersecurity Programs

If you’ve been considering accelerating your career in cybersecurity, or breaking into the industry as a newcomer, now is the time to get the education you need to stand out in the job market. Our online Master’s in Cybersecurity focuses on both the technical and business side of cybersecurity, ensuring you're ready for rapid career growth within the industry. Get started by talking with an Admissions Advisor or starting your application today.

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