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Stack Your Resume with Real-World Cyber Defense Training

September 27, 2022
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The fast-paced and rapidly growing cybersecurity career field urgently needs more qualified professionals. Because the stakes are high, the bar for entry into this dynamic field is also set high. To become a successful cybersecurity professional, you need both conceptual training and hands-on experience.

Although it’s a demanding field, it is also highly rewarding, offering professional satisfaction, six-figure salaries and expanding opportunities for career growth. Read on to learn more about the cybersecurity industry and how the partnership between Cyberbit and the No. 2 Best Online MS in Cybersecurity from the Yeshiva University Katz School of Science and Health can propel your success.1

Hands-on Experience Improves Your Skills and Hireability

"While theoretical knowledge and certifications are intrinsic to cybersecurity training and education, they are no substitute for hands-on experience,” said Sivan Tehila, Director of the MS in Cybersecurity. “You need the whole package—and the Katz School's cybersecurity program does both."

The Cyberbit partnership creates opportunities for Katz online cybersecurity students to practice their skills in live-fire simulations that realistically mirror today’s cyber threat landscape.

Cyberthreats are Multiplying

Cybercrime incidents have multiplied, and an expanding number of organizations are finding themselves the targets of cybercriminals, as the business of the world has become technology-based and digitally managed.

The COVID pandemic has accelerated those trends, creating what some have called the cyber pandemic. As more businesses shifted online, embracing hybrid and remote work, there were almost twice as many ransomware attacks in 2021 as there were in 2020.2

Organizations across sectors are vulnerable, and 2021 saw major attacks against the U.S. government, Spotify, the Colonial Pipeline, and JBS Foods, to name a few.3

Healthcare, financial services, manufacturers, retailers, logistics and supply chain businesses, energy companies, higher education institutions, media companies, non-profit organizations and governments are all at risk for costly cybersecurity events.

The Cost of Cyberattacks

The rising number of attacks is even more alarming when you consider the price. The average payout in 2021 was $570,000. The costs of downtime, lost data, and other financial impacts bring the average cost of ransomware recovery to $1.85 million.4

Cyberspace Needs Heroes

The proliferation of threat actors in cyberspace is driving dramatic growth in the global cybersecurity market. It is expected to grow through 2030 at a compound annual growth rate of 12% from its 2021 valuation of $184.93 billion.5

No wonder, then, that opportunities in cybersecurity are skyrocketing while career opportunities in other fields are flat. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts average job growth across fields to be just 5%, while it expects 35% growth in information security analyst jobs through 2031.6, 7

A Sampling of Cybersecurity Roles and Salaries

  • Information Security Analysts plan and implement security measures, earning an average of $102,600 nationally7
  • Application Security Engineers are tasked with securing specific software application programs and earn an average annual salary of $136,3688, 9
  • Information Security Risk Managers oversee efforts to protect cyber resources and lead the response to breaches, for an annual average wage of $147,52710, 11
  • Chief Information Security Officers are senior-level executives responsible for developing and implementing overall information security and earn an average salary of $254,108 a year12, 13

Prepare for the Latest Cyber Threats in the New Katz SOC and Cyber Range

The new Katz Security Operations Center (SOC) simulation platform and cyber range are made possible by a partnership with Cyberbit, headquartered in Ra’anana, Israel.

Physically located at the Katz School's Midtown Manhattan campus, the cyber range and SOC allow online students to collaborate in real time with their on-campus counterparts in defending against simulated cyber attacks.

Use Industry-Standard Tools and Cybersecurity Frameworks

The cyber range offers the world’s most extensive catalog of cyber attacks. You can work with MITRE ATT&CK Tactics and Techniques across the entire cyber-attack lifecycle. Operating on virtual enterprise networks, you’ll use commercial-grade security tools like firewalls, endpoint detection and response (EDR) and security information and event management (SIEM) platforms.

Build your cybersecurity skills using Cyberbit’s hyper-realistic live fire simulations, where you can practice against multiple attack types and vectors you may encounter on the job.
Work in teams with classmates to defend against advanced attacker behaviors, like ping sweeps, lateral movement and data exfiltration.

Get the Technical Skills You Need and More

Working with industry-standard tools and frameworks as a student gives you a lot of good material for your resume and the confidence you need to perform well on the job. The online master’s degree in Cybersecurity from Katz School, with its unparalleled access to the Cyberbit SOC platform and cyber range, gives you more than technical skills.

Your experiences in the SOC and all your courses will strengthen the “soft skills” vital for your continued career growth. Unlike many other options, the Katz program intentionally builds your critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and time management skills.

Develop Management Skills Required for Cybersecurity

Our cybersecurity faculty of seasoned industry experts know that you need a balance of skills, along with industry certifications and practical experience. As alumni Jonathan Deutsch, MS ‘20 said, “The hard skills you can always learn, but the soft skills and how you communicate them are most important, and that’s where the Katz School’s program was exceptional.”

Join a Program Focused on What Matters

The Katz School of Science and Health concentrates on industries that are central to the modern economy and comprises research scientists, tech builders and patient-centered clinicians working on problems that matter. Paul Russo, University Vice Provost and Dean of the Katz School of Science and Health, said, "At Katz, our mission is to do more than just graduate students in the field of cybersecurity. Our mission is to meet the needs of industry for next-gen cybersecurity experts who will make the nation and the world safer.

Get the Degree Designed for Modern Professionals

Our flexible online course delivery and curriculum built around industry standards and current events helps you develop the skills required for cybersecurity leadership. Earn our top-ranked and surprisingly affordable online master’s degree in cybersecurity at your own pace, scheduling courses around your work and other commitments.

Online Master’s in Cybersecurity Snapshot

  • 10 courses
  • Complete in as few as 20 months
  • Three opportunities to start per year
  • Preparation for industry-standard certification exams, including:
    • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
    • CompTIA Network+.
    • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
    • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
    • ISACA Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

Protect Cyberspace and Secure Your Future with Katz

From state-of-the-art technologies and practices to hands-on experience with threat mitigation, detection and defense, the Katz MS in Cybersecurity prepares you with the tools and skills you need to make a difference. Take the next step by talking with an Admissions Advisor or starting your application today.

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