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Not all business schools are equal, but one of the things they have in common is that they want those who are closest to you to vouch for you. Requesting letters of recommendation may be familiar to you, you may have done it for your undergraduate degree, but requesting MBA recommendation letters should take a good deal of thought and planning. You’re applying to a life-changing program, you need to find someone who will paint you in the best light possible.
An MBA resume is not unlike the resume you’ve submitted for every job you’ve applied to in your career, but we wouldn’t be writing this guide if it was that simple. When crafting an MBA resume, you should ensure that each resume you submit is tailored and pitched toward the specific program and the opportunities it affords. Furthermore, the admissions committees for MBA programs want to hear about your professional and educational success.
Business across all industries and sectors in the 21st century is driven by sophisticated software, and real estate is no exception. Professionals working in real estate use this software to assess risk, strategize investments, monitor key financial data, maintain client relationships and otherwise plan for success. If you are considering pursuing a career in real estate investment, software proficiency is an essential skill set you should strive to develop.