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In today’s business, data is king. But when billions and trillions of bits of data are collected, how can we even begin to understand it? And, more importantly, how is anyone supposed to know what to do with it?
Creating a successful business takes more than a soaring vision and superhero chutzpah in the face of risk. For this reason, young entrepreneurs often find empowerment by following in the footsteps of successful business leaders. Jewish entrepreneurs likewise seek greater business growth through the examples and mentorship of market mavens who view success through a shared lens of faith and passion for Jewish principles.
Professor Mark Finkel has over 25 years of experience under his belt, working with early-stage entrepreneurial enterprises in Silicon Valley and around the world. See what he brings to his students at Syms.
Learn more about the man who wrote the book on entrepreneurship, his strategies for success, and his influence at YU Sy Syms.
At first glance, the terms property management and property assets management look very similar—and in many ways, they are! However, a careful examination of real estate asset management vs. property management reveals substantial differences in the type and scope of responsibilities for real estate specialists who are looking to explore these important roles.