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Empower your next career move with a degree built in the center of start-ups, tech, finance and more. Through expert instruction and unparalleled hands-on opportunities, the online MBA from the Sy Syms School of Business shapes you into a leader with the data-driven skills to thrive in the business hub of New York City or anywhere across the globe.

As a Sy Syms online MBA student, you’ll join a powerful community of innovators, entrepreneurs and values-driven professionals. You will receive the unique insights our deeply experienced faculty have honed over decades launching and guiding successful business ventures wherever you are in the world, and you’ll enjoy the freedom to complete your coursework on your own schedule through our flexible digital interface.

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Program Details

  • 42 credits
  • 15-16 courses
  • 9 core courses, 5-6 electives
  • Optional residency in New York or Israel or culminating Innovation Lab capstone experience
  • Three 14-week terms per year
  • All courses are 7 weeks in length except the capstone, which is 14 weeks in length
  • The flexibility to complete in as little as 24 months
  • Three opportunities to start per year
  • Summer 2022 Application Deadlines:
    • Priority Application Deadline: February 17, 2022
    • Final Application Deadline: May 2, 2022
    • Summer 2022 Term Start: May 9, 2022

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Connect directly to global start-ups.

While the roots of the online MBA program are firmly planted in New York, its reach spans the globe.

All online MBA students complete a unique capstone project through the YU Innovation Lab, a student-driven international business accelerator housed within the university. The Innovation Lab brings together startup companies from the United States, Israel, Canada and Argentina and allows online MBA students the rare opportunity to experience the work on the frontlines of a new company striving to break into markets around the world.

You will also enjoy the option to participate in a five-day residency with an Israeli or New York-based tech company. Through this elective course, you will encounter issues surrounding innovation, product development and scaling for a global marketplace.

Find community in your coursework.

Connections are at the core of the business education offered at Sy Syms, and the online MBA degree program has been designed to uphold this commitment. While learning online at Sy Syms, you will forge meaningful bonds with your tight-knit cohort in our small virtual classes and enjoy the personalized attention of our accessible and involved business faculty.

As an online MBA graduate, you will also join the Yeshiva University and Sy Syms School of Business alumni communities. Both of these groups are known for their inclusiveness and responsiveness to the needs of their members, and they can serve as effective springboards toward new professional opportunities throughout your career.

Pursue business as a human enterprise.

At Sy Syms, we believe the numbers on the bottom line are only as meaningful as their impact on the people who helped get them there. Even the most quantitative courses in the online MBA program adhere to the ethos that, at its heart, business is a human enterprise. Every transaction is structured by competing goals and desires, every new venture is launched to improve real lives, and every accomplishment and challenge affects people both within the company and beyond its walls.

The approach to business leadership you will hone as a Sy Syms online MBA student takes people into account at every step. The relationships you’ll form will be founded on mutual understanding rather than pure utility. You will manage your team and interact with your colleagues with respect and decency. And you will define business success as an outcome that first and foremost improves lives and strengthens communities.

David Weinstein
I gained a lot in terms of soft skills: a deeper understanding of how business relationships work, the effect that companies have on their employees, how to hire and identify opportunities. I'm definitely more knowledgeable, more aware of impacts.
David Weinstein, MBA '21

Learn From Our Leaders

The online MBA faculty comprises experienced, successful professionals and published researchers who take pride in fostering an intellectual and ethical community of graduate business students. Our faculty have worked for major corporations and successful startups, been published in award-winning journals, and appeared in major business media outlets, and they are deeply familiar with what it takes to succeed in 21st century business.

Mentorship is at the core of the faculty’s approach to education in the online MBA program. With our small class sizes, all students will enjoy a significant amount of face time with their professors. And faculty members take pride in being flexibly accessible to engage in one-on-one consultation with even the busiest of online students. The close relationships you will form with these innovators and experts can be the foundation on which your success is built.

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