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Taking advantage of its vast network of alumni, faculty and professional supporters, the Wurzweiler School of Social Work is able to offer a substantial social work career center that includes the routinely updated job board below. We know your education is just the beginning of your journey, so we’re delighted to offer the resources that can help you keep moving forward.

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The relationships you build at Wurzweiler have the potential to greatly impact your future, and your Personal Faculty Advisor is a perfect example. Count on your Advisor for direction when seeking new opportunities and advice on how to prepare yourself to take full advantage of them.

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What Can You Do With an MSW?

Popular MSW Careers

  • Licensed clinical social worker
  • Child and family social worker
  • School social worker
  • Healthcare social worker
  • Mental health and substance abuse social worker

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Where Our Students Work*

  • Healthcare
  • Social services
  • Financial services
  • Educational services
  • Legal services
  • Religious services

*Self-reported by students entering the online MSW in fall 2018

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Here, you’ll gain more than just fieldwork experience and expertise in the core competencies of social work. When you earn your degree from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work you’ll receive the added value of a global professional network over 7,000 strong, that spans over 60 countries.

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