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Welcome to the Wurzweiler Online Student Experience

For students of the online Master of Social Work (MSW) program at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, your experience is guided as closely and attentively as that of our on-ground students. The same faculty are equally committed to your success and to providing an enriching learning experience rooted in cultural tradition, a contemporary curriculum and practical fieldwork engagements.

Working Together to Serve a Greater Good

It is our shared mission to serve people in need and contribute what we are able to vulnerable communities around the world. By investing in each of our students and sharing what we know of advocacy, community leadership and clinical practice, we can help equip you to become the means by which we serve. For students like you, the online experience is a considerable aspect of our ability to support your efforts and help facilitate your success.

Take a moment to explore the resources made available exclusively to our online students, including specific support for your online learning environment, and discover how the online MSW program at Wurzweiler can assist you in turning your passion into your career.

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Get to Know Your University for Social Impact

Our programs have evolved and our student body has grown, but our mission remains unchanged. To meet the needs of those around us, we are working to shape and lead the social work professionals who can transform tomorrow.

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Fully Equipped—Your Online Student Experience


Flexible programming options for busy lives

With six terms per year, three seasonal start opportunities (January, June, September) and full- and part-time course load options, you have the freedom to begin your studies at precisely the right moment and with a level of intensity that's best for you.

Innovative curriculum with remote accessibility

Knowing most of our students are fully engaged with family and work, we have created a dynamic online learning experience that lets your coursework follow you anywhere.

Personalization can move you closer to success

Working under individual advisement and close field supervision, you will be able to cater your efforts and work more specifically toward your chosen emphasis.

Follow the Journeys of Our Alumni

Wurzweiler graduates work around the world, representing every facet of social work, and are accessible to current students for networking opportunities and to help you understand what future opportunities may be in store for you.

A Curriculum to Shape Social Conviction

The online MSW program leverages a comprehensive curriculum to guide you through every emphasis and discipline within social work, including psycho-social pathology, social welfare, ethics and cultural diversity, and prepares you to engage in each of them.

Become Our Greatest Impact on the World

Your journey toward social justice starts here.

Discover how our online MSW program can help equip you to transform the world.

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