Wurzweiler is a national leader for social work education with social impact. Join us.
Female group participant smiling while sharing with group
Female group participant smiling while sharing with group
Wurzweiler is a national leader for social work education with social impact. Join us.

Live Your Purpose Through a Meaningful Career with Wurzweiler’s Online MSW

Since its inception, the Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University has conferred more than 7,000 master’s degrees and watched proudly as our graduates have gone on to become clinicians, researchers, professors and administrators. Each graduating class has further solidified our position as a leader in social work, allowing us to continuously attract qualified new students who are committed to their social work calling. If you are committed to cultural competence, energized to work toward community engagement and eager to make an impact in the lives of others, Yeshiva University Wurzweiler is the place for you.

Program Benefits

  • Asynchronous online study that fits the demands of your life
  • Faculty who are experts in their field and academic staff who offer guidance
  • Hands-on fieldwork to put theory into practice
  • Flexibility in format—choose full-time or part-time study

Learn to Help Solve Social and Personal Problems and Affect Social Change

Our Admissions Outreach Advisors are waiting to guide you through the initial stages of your graduate school journey. Whether you’re in need of tuition assistance or have questions related to military student support, we are here to help structure the program solutions that will enrich your student experience and help you become the social worker you hope to be.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a call to get connected with an Admissions Outreach Advisor.

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Admissions That Prepare You for Social Impact

MSW education demands discipline and a desire to excel in challenging endeavors. Our admissions requirements make our online Master of Social Work (MSW) program accessible to those with the drive to succeed while ensuring that you are prepared for the academic and professional challenges to come.

Female student with glasses smiling in front of laptop in library

Take Advantage of Financial Aid

For those with the will to succeed and serve, we are proud to offer competitive tuition rates and opportunities for financial aid. If you believe you may need assistance paying for the online MSW program, we encourage you to explore your options for payment plans.

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Find the Answers to Your Admissions Questions

As you begin your application process, check out our Admissions FAQs to get more information on tuition and financial aid, application deadlines, time to completion options and much more. If you need further assistance, our Admissions Outreach Advisors are always happy to answer your questions.

Explore Admissions FAQs

Honored to Invite Military Students into Social Work

Wurzweiler supports our military veterans. Whether you are a veteran who wants to continue your mission to serve others as a social worker, or a civilian looking to support veterans through social work, there’s a place for you at Yeshiva University. Join us in service of this unique population.

See the Options for Veterans

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For Educators Who Support the Whole Student

As the U.S. public school system shifts from an academics-only focus to the holistic education and well-being of students, teachers and administrators can greatly benefit from an MSW. The Wurzweiler MSW curriculum, including courses such as Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice, can help teachers better support students, their families and communities.

Explore MSW Curriculum

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International Students are Welcome

With students from over 60 countries, including Israel, Canada, France, Japan, China and India, we recognize the importance of accommodating international applicants. We are happy to assist with questions related to student sponsorship, faculty and cohort engagement and additional documentation requirements.

View Admissions Requirements

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Make an impact as part of the Wurzweiler community.

Expand your career in social work and make a difference in the world. Earn your master’s degree online with Yeshiva University and the Wurzweiler School of Social Work. The online MSW program combines the best of our on-campus program with unparalleled flexibility.

For further information on the specifics of the program, fieldwork, application requirements and much more, complete the form and download the program guide.

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