A Message from Dean Danielle Wozniak, Ph.D.

Welcome to the Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University! Students who choose to make a home with us are stepping into one of the best graduate programs in the field. We are a very special school that devotes as much time to your classroom education as we do to creating the relationships that make learning possible. We intentionally create an environment of challenge, belonging, nurturing and mutual support, where process-based experiential education lets us train social work practitioners who are competent, capable and imbued with the passion to repair a fractured world.

Our Approach to the Journey

As you move through our online Master of Social Work program, our expectation is that you never feel like you're taking just an online class. We want you to have an engaging online learning experience where you can feel challenged through stimulating course content and fully immersed in our interactive learning environments. In the program, you will be invited to think about the areas in which you want to deepen your knowledge, something you will then achieve through electives, assignments and feedback from faculty and field advisors who can nurture your development. While we have paid close attention to helping you learn social work basics, we also focus on honing the the skills you will need to be an impactful 21st century practitioner. We know the current demand is for practitioners who are innovative, integrative and resourceful, and we deliver a curriculum that shapes those skills and ensures you are well-prepared to meet real life challenges.

Our approach to social work education mirrors the caring relationships we want students to have with their clients. When a social worker sits with a client, they're accompanying them on a journey; one of the best ways to teach that is to create a parallel process in which we accompany our students on their journey to become social workers. We stay in process with our students as they learn new skills and grow into their roles as professionals.

Integrative Social Work and Faith

We make sure that Wurzweiler appreciates, supports, welcomes and honors every person who comes through our door. Our school has been built on core Jewish values, traditions, ethics, beliefs and knowledge, and while this foundation is integral to our identity, mission and culture, we also honor Wurzweiler's inclusive and diverse student body. We provide opportunities for the community at large, respecting and embracing all faiths and beliefs, while ensuring that our Jewish students have an academic home and environment that is both supportive and challenging. We welcome students who are aligned with our core principles and values and who share our commitment to repairing a fractured world. Diversity creates a wonderful educational community in which our students can learn from each other while they learn from our curriculum; we encourage students to stay in dialogue with each other when confronting difficult practice issues and when encountering diverse ideas, as this kind of dialogue is essential to best social work practice.

I am thrilled to welcome you to a school that for 60 years has been creating well-trained social workers, social justice workers, advocates and transformation makers, and hope that you will choose to become part of that tradition and carry it forward.

Danielle Wozniak, MSW, Ph.D.
Wurzweiler School of Social Work

Welcome to the Wurzweiler School of Social Work

Founded as part of Yeshiva University in 1957, the Wurzweiler School of Social Work is proud to be part of a university system that has ranked No. 1 in New York and No. 2 in the nation for students in advanced degree programs.1 Built on YU's mission to teach a uniquely dual curriculum that emphasizes knowledge enlightened by values, Wurzweiler places similar focus on teaching the practical and clinical elements of social work while ceaselessly affirming the importance of ethics, tolerance and cultural receptivity in the profession.

Teaching Future Social Workers to Serve Global Communities

Yeshiva University has continuously evolved to reach a broader and more diverse student population while still serving its primary institutional mission, the University and its individual colleges have remained rooted in the Jewish cultural traditions to serve others and provide for the needs of local and global communities. As an extension of that endeavor, the leaders at Wurzweiler have created a deeply personal program that leverages centuries-old traditions alongside a contemporary curriculum to train 21st century social work practitioners and equip them to transform the world.

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A Brief History of Yeshiva University & the Wurzweiler School of Social Work

1886: Yeshiva Eitz Chaim (later to become Yeshiva University) is founded
1897: The Rabbi Isaac Elchana Theological Seminary (RIETS) is formally chartered by the State of New York
1915: RIETS merges with Etz Chaim to become the Rabbinical College of America
1928: The Rabbinical College of America becomes Yeshiva College
1936: Yeshiva establishes its first graduate program
1957: The School of Social Work is established
1962: The School of Social Work is renamed the Wurzweiler School of Social Work
1970: Yeshiva University becomes a secular university to comply with government aid laws
1984: Wurzweiler’s curriculum is revised and updated to better meet emerging needs and prepare students to leverage new technologies in social work
1993: The Silvia and Irwin Leiferman Center for Professional Training in the Care of the Elderly is established at Wurzweiler
2015: U.S. News & World Report ranks Yeshiva University No. 1 in New York and No. 2 Nationally for graduates in advanced degrees, while Forbes ranks the University among the Top 50 for Return on Investment2
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